Understanding Search Engine

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an aspect of search engine marketing (i.e. like digital marketing west palm beach). It is a discipline in marketing directed towards increasing the visibility of results in non-paid search engines. It is focused on optimizing websites for search engines. The aim of SEO is to drive traffic, improve the ranking of a website and raise the awareness level of level of a website in search engines.

An SEO Expert will carry out the following:

  • Design and develop a website that can rank well in search engine results.
    • Example: if you have a clinic that offers natural health, you want to optimize for relative key terms and search queries.
  • Improve the existing quality and volume of traffic from search engines to a website.
  • Understand search algorithms and how humans search and use it to market the site.

Types of SEO

SEO can be categorized into two types. When the technique employed conforms to standard guidelines and rules and there are no deceptions, it is called White hat SEO and when the case is in the reverse, it is called Black Hat SEO. Another name of black hat SEO is spamdexing.

How can I carry out SEO

There are two ways SEO can be carried out.

  • ON-Page SEO: this involves providing good keywords and putting them in the right places, appropriate contents and titles etc.
  • Off-Page- SEO: involves building a link, submitting open directories in order to increase the popularity of the link, link exchange, search engines etc.

Importance of SEO

  • It is cost effective.
  • It gives room for local search optimization.
  • It provides a healthy content profile.
  • It provides healthy competition.